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I just wanted to warn you generous souls that you may be getting a letter from Young Writers Project (YWP) thanking you for your past support and asking you to support our work with thousands of young writer across the country. We need your help in continuing this important work.  We hope that you can donate.

 As many of you know, YWP (along with uber-volunteer Janet Lynn) manages this site for free. We pay for the cost of the server, update code and try to help you when things go awry. We are fans of fiber arts.

And our full-time job is to work with thousands of youths, helping them explore ideas, learn how to express themselves and find audience and purpose. We have connected with 110,000+ youths since we began in 2006 and we're going strong. On our main online community, we have over 3,000 active youths sharing, giving each other respectful and supportive feedback and learning from experts we bring in.

We are a small nonprofit and we need your help to keep going.

Which is why we've sent many of you past donors a letter asking for more help. We know that many of you don't have a lot of resources. We know that many of you have other nonprofits that receive your support. But we hope that you will think of us and think of the impact we have on youths of all sizes, shapes, colors, cultures and locations.

We are helping the next generation learn how to express themselves.

AND if you don't get a letter, don't be shy -- feel free to click the donate button to the left, or send us a check to Young Writers Project, 47 Maple St., Burlington, VT 05401!

Thanks. And enjoy this wonderful photograph from "lovetowrite" one of YWP's community leaders on


Geoffrey Gevalt

YWP founder.


The Voice -- October 2017

We hope you enjoy Young Writers Project's latest issue of The Voice, featuring writing from youths all over.


Do you have a story to tell?


TELL YOUR STORIES! This web community is seeking people who like to tell stories about their craft -- whether you be a weaver or a spinner or a farmer or knitter.

BECOME A BLOGGER HERE! No requirements (except to post a story now and again!) No guilt! Fun. Fame (well, maybe among us). It's EASY.

IF YOU HAVE THE URGE TO SHARE something you've done or learned or seen and want to express it to others, contact me at and we'll set you up to blog!


Geoffrey Gevalt

young writers project


Angora Rabbit Harvest

Angoras do take considerable time and energy, but so does everything in life.  For me, the key is knowing the cycle of each rabbit and keeping a schedule. Sometimes the rabbits don't agree with my schedule. 

The beginning of my rabbits cycles start in May/June. Most of my buns were born late fall/early winter, and I'm sure that has an impact. My entire herd are not regular molters and hold coats 5-7 mos.  I discovered their cycle by trial and error., there is a point between 5-7 mos where little neps begin to form on the ends of the wool, and if I don't collect is, instead of shedding out all around the cage, the coat begins to mat (it's the only time it every mats). If I really wanted, regular grooming could keep that coat past the time. I really can't stand to wait past 5 mos, I want that coat to spin, only show buns are allowed to go past 5. After the big Mini Convention show in May, I begin the clip down so no bunny carries a full coat in the heat of summer. They are clipped again in Sept/Oct, Jan/Feb, May/June. I get one less clipping than those who molt every 90 days, but my fiber tends to be twice as long. 

Photos in your ads

Hi everyone.  I see some folks are having problems putting pictures in their ads.  Here is what you do

If you will look at the bar  in the area where you put your text you will see at the end of the bar, next to the last icon is where you add photos.

Click on it and it will give you the options to do that.

Hope this helps







Items for sale

I was looking through ads today and many are not putting location.  It will make a difference to buyers so again,  PLEASE put at least the state that the item is in unless you are offering FREE SHIPPING, and if you are please state that as well





SOLD Items

When you sell you itemPlease do not mark sold.  PLEASE remove it from the list. 

Your effort is appreciated.


Thank you



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