January Issue of The Voice!

We hope you enjoy this month's issue of Young Writers Project's The Voice, a compendium of the very best writing, sound, video and images from youths all over. Showcasing their ideas, views and experiences, we think, gives people a window into the next generation's minds.

Young Writers Project wants more youths from around the U.S.! If you know a youth who likes to tell stories, write, take pictures, play music OR who needs some help and support in their writing, send them to youngwritersproject.org and maybe you'll see their best work in this monthly magazine soon!


You are the gift!



As we approach this season of giving and thanks, we want to extend our appreciation to all of you for all that you've given during the year.

As you know, this site is managed by Young Writers Project, a passionate, small band of people that helps thousands of youths around the U.S. and world become better writers so they can succeed in school, college and beyond. Writing is a vital skill and we believe more needs to be done to help kids become proficient.

By continuing to provide us financial support you help pay for our time -- and the time of leading experts and artists -- to provide youths guidance and encouragement on youngwritersproject.org or leading a workshop.

And NOW your donations can help an at-risk child participate in our new donation-based formal online learning center, The YWP Academy.

SOME OF YOU may soon be getting letters from us asking for additional support. We hope you can help. This is a difficult time for non-profits and we need all the help we can get. Your $5, $25, $100 donations add up. We appreciate each and every one of them.

As an update: We have opened YWP Academy to a small group of youths -- including one each from England, Sri Lanka and France -- who are trying out our learning modules. They love them! And they're working very hard on their own time. So we think we have a winning formula. (And they are helping us smooth out the rough edges and fix some minor problems for us to have the FULL GRAND OPENING in January.)

And don't forget: Our free, online respectful teen writing community is open to ALL youths ANYWHERE, so if you know some youths who like to write or who want to get better at it, send them to youngwritersproject.org. They will get feedback, support and may get published all over including on our showcase magazine, The Voice!

I give thanks for the many kindnesses in our world,

geoff gevalt


Do you have a story to tell?


TELL YOUR STORIES! This web community is seeking people who like to tell stories about their craft -- whether you be a weaver or a spinner or a farmer or knitter.

BECOME A BLOGGER HERE! No requirements (except to post a story now and again!) No guilt! Fun. Fame (well, maybe among us). It's EASY.

IF YOU HAVE THE URGE TO SHARE something you've done or learned or seen and want to express it to others, contact me at ggevalt@youngwritersproject.org and we'll set you up to blog!


Geoffrey Gevalt

young writers project


Angora Rabbit Harvest

Angoras do take considerable time and energy, but so does everything in life.  For me, the key is knowing the cycle of each rabbit and keeping a schedule. Sometimes the rabbits don't agree with my schedule. 


What is this site anyway?

Creative commons photo by Freygundr.

This is a free site managed by the Young Writers Project for the benefit of those of you who love the spun arts, as it were -- spinners, weavers, knitters, farmers and the like.

You are free to create an account (we approve each account to keep out the spammers, so be patient; it may take a day or so for your account to be activated) and then free to create an ad selling your stuff and we have some categories on the left column to help you out. Choose one.

We ask that this be small scale -- no big commercial vendors, please. And please remove your ad once you've made a sale. Let me say that again: please remove your ad once you've made a sale or exchange. The community thanks you for doing that; nothing more disappointing that to see something you've been looking for only to find out that it's not available.

Some tips:

Processing Fleece 101 (for the rest of us)

Fleece....ahh, c'mon, you've dreamt of it, you've seen it, you've run your hands over, through and gathered up handfuls of the stuff, wanting it at some point in your time as a fleece fanatic. Yeah, you, c'mon, admit it

Fleece in its raw state, whether it be wool, llama, alpaca, quivit (drool), comes off an animal, usually sheared, sometimes combed. Here in the US, we are blessed with a range of both breeds (& breeders) as well as multiple climates that enable us to grow out hundreds of varieties of animals to choose their fluffiness from

Jenkins Turkish

I will soon have Jenkins Turkish spindles on my web page again.  This is so exciting.  I will let you know when I'm able to get them photographed and on the site.

Thanks everyone who came to Rhinebeck and bought MANY spindles.



Please stop by



SOLD Items

When you sell you itemPlease do not mark sold.  PLEASE remove it from the list. 

Your effort is appreciated.


Thank you



Anonymity Is A Crime


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