What is this site anyway?

Creative commons photo by Freygundr.

This is a free site managed by the Young Writers Project for the benefit of those of you who love the spun arts, as it were -- spinners, weavers, knitters, farmers and the like.

You are free to create an account (we approve each account to keep out the spammers, so be patient; it may take a day or so for your account to be activated) and then free to create an ad selling your stuff and we have some categories on the left column to help you out. Choose one.

We ask that this be small scale -- no big commercial vendors, please. And please remove your ad once you've made a sale. Let me say that again: please remove your ad once you've made a sale or exchange. The community thanks you for doing that; nothing more disappointing that to see something you've been looking for only to find out that it's not available.

Some tips:

  • If you see an ad without contact info, do not despair. Click the username (the red link after "submitted by just below the title) and then click the "CONTACT" button and send the person an email. They will get it.
  • If you see any spam, or if you see something wrong on the site let us know by clicking here.
  • This site is based on an honor system; be straightforward and, at the same time, make sure to follow your instincts -- if something doesn't seem right, double check or contact the person again.
  • Since we're just volunteers, we can't be responsible if something goes wrong. But do let us know.
  • And, finally, a few of you have contacted us, off an on, to say that when you come to the site you can't see any ads. We tried to figure this out for months and we finally have: If you are using any kind of Ad Blocker software, it will block all these pretty wooly ads. So, go to your ad blocking app's settings and allow this site. Voila! The ads will appear.

Cheers. I hope your winter has been good.

And if you like this site, and wish to see it continue, just show some love -- a donation to Young Writers Project would be nice. The link is on the left. Support a young writer!

geoff gevalt