Weaving and Craft Books

I have the following weaving and craft books for sale.  If you are interested in anything on this list, please email me at djern555@yahoo.com.  All are in good to like-new condition.

The Weaver’s Handbook – Harriet Tidball

The Joy of Handweaving (softcover) – Osma Gallinger Tod

The Weaving Primer – Nina Holland

The Joy of Hand Weaving (Second Edition hardback)– Osma Gallinger Tod

Key to Weaving – Mary E. Black

Weaving with Foot-Power Looms – Edward F. Worst

Finishing Touches for the Handweaver (hardback) – Virginia M. West

Rug Weaving – Joanne Mattera

The Story of Navaho Weaving – Kate Peck Kent– thin paperback

Weaving – A Creative Approach for Beginners – Clara Creager

Introducing Weaving – Phyl Shillinglaw

Your Hand Weaving – Elsie G. Davenport. 

 Angora Handbook, 2nd Edition, Northern California Angora Guild) – edited by

     Kathy Spalding and Chris McLelland

Completely Angora (2nd Edition) – Kilfoyle & Samson

Hand Woolcombing and Spinning, hardcover – Peter Teal

Wool’ n Magic – Jan Messent

Beautiful Beads, How to create beautiful, original gifts and jewelry for every occasion –

     Alexandra Kidd

Beads and Threads – A new technique for fiber jewelry – Diane Fitzgerald and

     Helen Banes

Making Your Own Paper – Marianne Saddington

Paper Making – Marion Elliot

Write the Perfect Book Proposal – Jeff Herman and Deborah Levine Herman

Getting Started Stringing Beads – Jean Campbell

Easy Potpourri, hardcover – David A. Webb

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