For Sale - Saori WX-60 in TN

My studio is overflowing!  I have a beautiful WX-60 Saori loom for sale that needs a new home. The loom is about two years old and is in good condition. Saori looms are super easy to warp and comfortable to weave on. The loom folds beautifully with a warp still on it (which makes it perfect to take to workshops). You can also purchase prewound warps for it, which means more time for weaving!

The loom package includes:

  • Built in bobbin winder
  • Rubber friction warp control pedal lets you advance the warp while remaining seated
  • Lots of wire heddles
  • Beater handle
  • 4 shaft upgrade kit to turn the loom into a 4H/6 treadle loom
  • Three reeds (8, 10, 12 - regular reeds don’t fit Saori looms)
  • Clipping rod and texsolv cords
  • Saori shuttle and bobbins

New this package would cost $2,640. I’m selling it for $1,850. Will also consider reasonable offers.

The loom is located in middle TN. You can contact me at shattersea (at) comcast (dot) net.  Thanks!

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