Scam attempt

I currently have an ad up. This morning I received an email asking me if the equipment is still available. I responded affirmatively. The next email I received was this:

Thanks for the responses ,Am interested in the sale but will be unable to come check it out physically and pay you with cash reason being that I just moved to Canada. I can however pay you the asking price plus shipping fee with a Certified's check. The shipping fee will be used to pay my movers who will come for pick up . Please send me the full Name you want on the check and the Full address you want it sent to...I will also want you tell me your last price as i feel it should be negotable .Also dont forget to include your Cell phone number

In addition to the spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues, this supposed buyer wants to send me a "Certified's check" for more than the price of the items, with me to give the "shipping fee" to a third party. This is exactly the kind of scam I've heard of with Craigslist ads. I'm posting about this because I totally did not expect this with an ad on this site, and it took me a minute to identify exactly what felt wrong about the email. Please be aware that the scammers are apparently working kbbspin ads.

The Scammers are everywhere.  We have to always be on the lookout.  Good catch

janet lynn