Glimåkra Drawloom for Sale in MA

Loom is located in Massachusetts

This is a 60", 10 shaft, 10 treadle older (70s era) 60" Glimåkra countermarche loom with a 10 year old Myrehed 50-shaft/single unit draw attachment.  The loom has been upgraded from the original string heddles to full Texsolv but otherwise it's the original loom, made of extremely hard wood and built to last centuries!

The sale includes:

  • loom extension
  • Second back beam
  • Bench
  • Warp sticks & lease sticks
  • Shuttles
  • U-shaped lingoes (no paperclips!)
  • Reeds
  • Extra Texsolv cord, heddles, lingoes, clips, elastic, pins etc.

This is a wonderful loom, I just won't have room for it in my new house. To buy this loom and all the extras  new, you'd pay well over $11,000. 

Price: $8200. contact me via email

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