Majacraft Overdrive Head, Flyer, and 2 Bobbins

This is the Overdrive Head that was designed by Majacraft to hold an enormous amount of spun yarn.  They claim it holds 5 times what one of their Jumbo bobbins will hold.  This Overhead drive was designed originally for the Aura spinning wheel, but with a few adjustments can be adapted to either the Majacraft Suzie or Rose wheels.  In order to do that, you remove two white washers (a phillips head screw driver is all that is needed) and you will need to obtain a band to accommodate either of those two wheels.  When I went in search of a humongous bobbins, this was the only one I found acceptable.  The special double drive system allows the bobbin to spin at the same tension whether it is full or empty.  I'm asking $400 and I'll pay the shipping.


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