Fricke Spinning Wheel for sale

Fricke S-160-ST - Single Treadle Spinning Wheel This 5-speed scotch tension, 17" wheel has sealed ball bearings for smooth treadling. Flyer drive features the ease of a delta orifice, with an attractive wood grain finish. . Heel-toe action with large, wide treadle, includes 4 bobbins and a Kate with yarn guide. Comes with a bag of roving. I'm selling this beautiful spinning wheel due to wanting to buy expensive loom. $375.. Will ship for $395, or p/u. Debra 434-996-0189

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Made error...Prices are $300 and $20 extra for shipping!

I was wondering if this wheel was still available?  Price for wheel and shipping for US would be $320 total?  

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Yes it is still available and $320 total for wheel and shipping.


Sent you an email, thanks.