ISO AVL, weavebird or mechanical dobby in Sounthern Ontario

Looking for a loom at least 16 shaft minimum and 36" wide.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with info.

Willing to travel for PU.



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Hi Stephanie,

I have a 48” AVL Compu Dobby for sale.  It has a 1 yard sectional beam.  This beam can be used as a sectional or as a plain beam.  It also has a smaller plain beam.  It has the cloth storage system as well as a single box fly system.  I’m including a beautiful AVL fly shuttle with honex tensioning (my absolute favorite).

I live in Peterborough and would be happy to have you come and look at it.  I don’t have a warp on it, but you can still come and treadle it.  I like to have a dedicated laptop to run my looms, so I will include the computer.

There is one other person who has approached my regarding the purchase of this loom and I’m reaching out to her as well.  I’m asking $5,900.

Best Regards,

Rebecca Robbins.

Hi Stephanie-

I have a 30", 20 shaft AVL Production loom with compudobby and mechanical dobby. I am in Md. Let me know if you would like more information.





Can you email me the details?