Weavebird v2 45" 16s for sale

For Sale, virtually new, still under warranty


Weavebird v2 45” 16s

To include all the original standard equipment.

Interface Box

Stainless Steel Reed, choose 12 dents per inch

Inserted Eye Heddles 12½”

End Feed Shuttle 6122-8000

12 Pirns 6¼” 6133-6000

1 Reed & Heddles Hooks 10 5/8” long

2 Wood lease sticks

4 Warp rods

Book: Warp & Weave”

Assembly Instruction and Video


2 Years Warranty on all parts including the Interface box and Solenoids

I sold this Weavebird to the current original owner. Due to focusing on 4s Rug constructions, no need for 16 shafts in the future.

Additional equipment included:

Classic Leclerc 26” double sided Bench New list = $505

Proweave and a 2016 Dell Laptop Computer to run it. $300+/-US + $150 = $450

Set Section Rakes(2”) $250 w/ 1 yd + Extenders $71 + Guides $17.25 = $338.25

I will guarantee this Weavebird for remainder of warranty.

In addition to the above I will provide assistance in the disassembly, moving and reassembly and full customer service on going from day 1.

Current new list for this Bird is $8450 + $300 safe packaging = $8750

Current list Auxiliary equipment = $1293.25

Totals current list $10043.25

Your price $7500 for all

Tom Beaudet





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