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For Sale Glimakra Loop Raddle 47" (or 120 cm)

I went to Vavstuga and prefer pre-sleying the reed to using the raddle. The raddle has been used ONCE and is in excellent Condition

Glimakra Loop Raddle for 47” (120 cm) Loom $127 + Shipping

1/2 inch spacing
47” long -- if you have a 120 cm loom -- you are good to go
Excellent condition

Contact:  sierra "dot" polsinelli "at" gmail "dot" com


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For Sale Glimakra Ronja Warping Frame for Glimakra Standard Loom

FS: Like new  Ronja Warping Frame $125 Shipped

This will fit any standard loom and will give up to 24 yards of warp. (the wider the loom, the more warp you can wind)

Recesses have been drilled to fit over the end bolts that hold the side uprights together -- if you have a NEW Glimakra Standard. There is an extra recess, because we forgot that there is a left side and a right side (see picture)! This Frame will fit the NEW Standards and any of the OLD standards.

It attaches to the back without drilling. The Wood straps that are on the top and bottom of each half of the frame hold it in place with nuts and bolts.

Contact:  sierra "dot" polsinelli "at" gmail "dot" com

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FS: Mirrix Zeus Loom + Extras

NEARLY New Mirrix Zeus Loom $525

This loom is partially assembled (the top comes off the bottom to make 2 -  23"x39" pieces  and to ship it would mean that the box would be -- oversized.  We figure it would cost around $85 to ship to the west coast From Cleveland -- Keep that in mind if you live far away!

I am willing to work out a meet up if it is convenient -- I live in the Cleveland Area.

This Loom Comes with 

  • 3 sets of Mirrix heddles, pre-cut -- 300 heddles
  • coil springs: 8, 10, 12, 14 18 -- which is on extra coil
  • sticky ruler tape that reads in both directions for easy warping. (It is in 2 rolls and not on the loom yet so if you don’t want to put it on, you don’t have to.)

Retail would be $643.50 not including shipping or taxes. ($540.00 for loom, 3 rolls of heddles $85.50, and extra 10 epi coil $18.00) 

CONTACT sierra "dot" polsinelli "at" gmail "dot" com

Thanks for looking!


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8 Shaft Table Loom - $300.00

8 shaft table loom with stand 

I bought it from a fellow guild member.  We are not sure of the manufacturer.
28" weaving width
New 12 dent reed
Overall dimensions: 38 H  32 1/2 W  28 D
Needs additional heddles
Price $300.00

Pick up only

Contact me at

Monmouth County, New  Jersey

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8-Shaft AVL Dobby Rug Loom for $2900

8' weaving width AVL mechanical dobby rug loom with eight shafts operated by air assist pedals.  Includes air compressor.  Has 2" sectional back beam, tension box rail, sliding beater and inserted eye heddles.  In excellent condition.  For pick up only in Amity, Arkansas.  Price : $2900.  

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16 Harness J-Made - $2800

Gorgeous 16 Harness J Made loom. Solid Cherry. Double back beam. Worm drive. 34" weaving area includes bench, 10 reeds and accessories.  Located in Ithaca NY

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Macomber Add-A-Harness Floor Loom, 4 Harnesses, 48 Inch Weaving Width

Wonderful used Macomber Add-A-Harness floor weaving loom. Weaving width is 48 inches and it has 6 treadles, 4 harnesses and extra new heddles that have not be added. The loom also has an additional top bin added for equipment to the top of the loom. Closed dimensions of the loom is 30 inches deep by 56 inches high by 63 inches wide.

Macomber is a wonderful company that can easily replace any part of your loom. Each loom has a number on the side of the loom and from that they can replace any part that you accidentally break. A wonderful and perfect loom to use. It is easy to order additional harnesses from Macomber to increase your weaving possibilities. Please contact me with any questions. The loom is pick up only and is located in Westford PA just minutes from the Ohio border.  As of August 12th the loom will be located in Rochester, NY.  Contact me at  There is a total of 12 images available.  Asking $1200.00 pick up only.

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72" Eight Harness Cranbrook for sale or trade

I bought this loom for a project that has fallen through.  The loom is a Schacht Cranbrook, built in 1997 and comes with bench, LeClerc Sectional, and lots of new harnesses along with two reeds and tension box. 

Loom is in Albuquerque, New Mexico and hard to ship.  Price is $3000.00 or will trade for smaller AVL or similar dobby loom. 

Email me at 

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Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Books

Square Knot Booklet No. 2, 1919 - $4.00

Vegetable Dyeing, by Emma Conley - $5.00

I’d Rather Dye Laughing, by Jean Neel - $5.00

Natural Plant Dyeing, Brooklyn Botanic Garden -$5.00

Ancient Dyes for Modern Weavers, by Palmy Weigle, 1974 - $5.00

Prepared to Dye, by Gene Shepherd - new - $20.00

A Dyer’s Garden, by Rita Buchanan - new - $5.00

Natural Dyeing, by Eve Lambert & Tracy Kendall - new - $75


Creative Spinning, by Alison Daykin and Jane Deane - new - $6.00

The Complete Guide to Spinning Yarn, by Brenda Gibson - new - $20.00

Spinning and Weaving with Wool, by Paula Simmons - $25.00

Intertwined, The Art of Handspun Yarn, Modern Patterns and Creative Spinning - new - $10.00

The Field Guide to Fleece, 100 Sheep Breeds and How to Use Their Fibers - new - $8.00


Navajo Weaving Way, The Path from Fleece to Rug, by Noel Bennett & Tiana Bighorse - new - $10.00

Weaving a Navajo Blanket, by Gladys Reichard - new - $8.00

Swedish Loom Manual, by Becky Ashenden - new - $5.00

Learning to Weave, by Deborah Chandler, 1995 - $15.00


How to Make Felt, by Anne Belgrave - $7.00

Felting by Hand, by Anne Vickrey - $7.00

All books plus mailing   Call Joan at 413-427-6179 or email




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Antique Skein Winder w Counter, $85

$85, Western MA, antique skein winder, functional!

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Interesting antique Skein Winder, Western MA, $95

Interesting Skein Winder, antique, functional! $95, Western MA



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Ashford Traveller, brand new early model! $550

$550-  I bought this early model Ashford Traveller brand new, in box, a few years ago! The elder woman I purchased it from said she bought it in the 70's. I finished it with butcher block lacquer (a lovely, waterproof, stable finish), and assembled it. It has had about one hour of use, I have other wheels that I use.  Located in Pittsfield, MA. 

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Green Skein Winder $150, Western MA

This skein winder is rock solid and is a great height to work with. I believe it is an antique that was painted green by a former owner. $150, too large to ship. Located in Western MA.

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Le Clerc Weaving Loom For Sale Central Ohio

Le Clerc loom for sale.  4 harness  6 treadles.  Make an offer.  I am located in central Ohio.You can contact me at

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for sale- counterbalance loom

Maple counterbalance loom. six treadle, four shaft, back beem is convertible to sectional warping. It has an excellent shed and quiet working.  the dimenshions are W52" L48" H54". asking price is $300. located in Middleton, Ma. 1/2 hour north of Boston.  Can be mostly disassembled with romoval of nuts and bolts. Will weave lace to rugs! phone 978-774-7603 or

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