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Ashford Traveler needs new home

Ashford Traveler single treadle single drive for sale $ 250.00. Can break down small enough to ship. I am located in Cheyenne, WY. 





















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45 inch cherry Norwood loom

Beautiful loom, weaves very well. Just too big for me right now.

45 inch width, sectional beam. I am asking for $800.00. Must pick up - located in Newburyport, MA, area.

Sale includes:

4 reeds (6,8,10,12)

lease sticks

some ski shuttles

sectional warping accessories

extra heddles











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PreOwned Weavebird for sale

Preowned Weavebird for sale


Weaver moving to smaller home


Weavebird 60” 16s w/

fly shuttle, Std and weighted Beaters, 8, 10 and 12 dent stainless steel reeds, many(many) Heddles.


I sold this loom new to the owner. This Bird has been used with great care and is in excelllent condition.


Loom currently operating.


I will sell with a new loom 2 year guarantee and my ongoing customer service.


New list price for this loom, $13,276


Fair market price $9000


Priced for this market, $7500, lets talk



Call or email me 413-313-6020   

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Macomber Loom

Macomber B5 add-a-harness, 8 harnesses, 14 treadles, sectional beam, 48".  Retiring from weaving - everything must go.  Loom $1800, bench $100, spool rack $150, warping mill $200, tension boxes $100, bobbin winder $50, shuttles $20-25, reeds $50, temples $40, lots of smalls, bins of fiber - cotton, tencel, wool, novelty.  Downsized from 9 looms and kept this one when we moved to NC.  It has been my favorite for 30 years.  Come to Sneads Ferry and make an offer on anything.  Prefer not to ship.  If you are traveling or doing a day trip, I can put you up overnight. Email me for all the pictures.

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8 Harness 26" baby wolf

Comes with wolf trap, 12 dent reed  $1500. located in Newport, NY 13416. contact,

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Kromski Sonata Spinning Wheel

Walnut, tension knob needs replacing otherwise is like new, local pick up only  $400

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Glimåkra Drawloom for Sale in MA

Loom is located in Massachusetts

This is a 60", 10 shaft, 12 treadle older (70s era) 60" Glimåkra countermarche loom with a 10 year old Myrehed 50-shaft/single unit draw attachment.  The loom has been upgraded from the original string heddles to full Texsolv but otherwise it's the original loom, made of extremely hard wood and built to last centuries!

The sale includes:

  • 10' extension
  • Second back beam
  • Bench
  • Warp sticks & lease sticks
  • Shuttles
  • U-shaped lingoes (no paperclips!)
  • Reeds
  • Extra Texsolv cord, heddles, lingoes, clips, elastic, pins etc.

This is a wonderful loom, I just won't have room for it in my new house. To buy this loom and all the extras  new, you'd pay well over $10,000. 

Price: $8200. contact me via email

New this loom with all the extras would be over $1200.

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AVL Dobby Rug Loom for sale in Arkansas

8-shaft 8-foot weaving width AVL mechanical dobby rug loom with sliding beater and air-assist for raising shafts.  Includes 2" sectional back beam, tension box rail, two reeds and inserted eye heddles.  In excellent condition.  Price: $4500.  Email:

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Looms for sale.

For Sale

Leclerc Nilart 12s(8live) 60” w/Custom Back Hinge Treadles.

Ideal for wide Rugs and all fabric constructions

Custom weighted Beater, 6dent and 15 Dent Reeds, Lease Rods, Heddle Hook

Boat/3Bobbins and Rug Shuttles, Threading Helpers


Sectional Rakes optional $350


Leclerc Nilus 8s 45” w/Back Hinge Rocker Treadles

12 Dent Reed, Lease Rods, Heddle Hook

End Feed Shuttle and std Boat/3Bobbins Shuttle, Threading Helpers


Sectional Rakes optional $275


Leclerc Nilus 4s 45”

12 Dent Reed, Lease Rods, Heddle Hook

End Feed and std Boat Shuttle/3Bobbins, Threading Helpers


Sectional Rakes optional $275


All looms and equipment fully restored to original and

carry a 1 year new loom guarantee on parts and service.


Tom Beaudet




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Loomcraft Loom

Beautiful maple Loomcraft loom.  I love this loom, but need to sell due to move.  4 harness, 6 treadle, 45" weaving width.  Comes with lease sticks, 8 dent reed, a few shuttles, many heddles, and matching bench.  Pick up only, please, about an hour north of Milwaukee, WI.  Asking $1200.

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Original design Niddy Noddy

Designed by my husband Gary.  2 yard skein. Price $28 plus shipping.  Email

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Luxury woo/silk fiber

This is so beautiful! When I sold it at the Fiber Fair, I sold out!!! Luxury wool/silk $3.50 per ounce plus Shipping. I accept PayPal.  Email 


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Yarns from My Shepherd

A sheep to shawl story with original knitting patterns! More importantly though are the testimonies of the Greatness of God! To order, email Price is $11.95 plus shipping.

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Weaver's Paradise! (Local Estate Sale Pick up only)

We have multiple items available at an estate in Dunnellon FL. We would like to extend an invitation to our presale to the members of the fiber art community. The items are available for pick up only. We are unable to ship. 

We will be taking appointments for presale. The terms are as follows:
Sales are first come, first serve, no holds. 
 We will be accepting cash or credit (with a 5% convenience fee for credit cards). 
Only fiber art items will be available for presale. 
Please contact our business to set up appointments.
Phone: (352) 577- 5336
Text only please.
Or message our Facebook:

Ashford Kiwi Spinning Wheel (including niddy noddy, and "toe saver" attachment) - $350

Harrisville Designs Loom 22" 6 Treadle 8 harness - $900

Macomber Ad A Loom 10 harness (only 4 are installed but we have the other 6) 16 treadle - $2,000

Lillstina 4 harness (I do not currently have the count of treadles, nor did I take a picture showing those. I apologize.) - $350

Dick Blick Artcraft Table Loom - $275

Leclerc Warping Board (I believe it is a 21 yard, but the measurements didn't quite match up with the dimensons Leclerc advertizes) - $75

Leclerc Warping Reel - $100

Glimakra Weaving Bench - $150

Yarns, threads, shuttles and notions will be priced accordingly on site. There are so many and we keep uncovering more. 

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Looking for a used loom (folding, 8 shaft, approx. 36 inch) within 100 miles of Boston

Seeking to purchase a used 8-shaft loom that can be folded such as a Mighty Wolf or another similarly sized and capable model.  Space considerations (at my home, or transporting it from your place to mine) rule out anything much larger.  Willing to travel 100 miles (or so) from Boston to pick it up. 

Debbie Deutsch

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