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Macomber Loom

Manufacturer: L. W. Macomber
Model: B5 
Frame size: 48"
Frame capacity: 10
Harnesses: 8 "add-a-harness"

Originally manufactured and sold December 17, 1956 for $5,200

$2,500 (OR BEST OFFER)

Call, text or email



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ISO Cricket 15" loom

I am seeking to own a Cricket 15" loom. I am just starting to weave and would like to buy a loom, I live in the Midwest.

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Strauche PETITE 7" Drum Carder - $400

The Petite is an excellent choice for a mid-sized carder with full sized features. 
The carder produces a batt approximately 6 1/2" wide x 22" long. The Petite also 
has a 4:1 drum ratio.

Designed to handle ALL fibers including merino, llama, alpaca, cashmere, dog hair 
and other exotics.

The three working tools (Batt picker, doffer brush, dabber brush), as well as a 
table clamp, are included.

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Harrisville Design 8H 48"

For sale in Gunnison, Colorado. Must pick up. $2000.00

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Brushed Mohair

Brushed Mohair yarn, white -

1 hank approximately 500 yds., 8 oz. for $15

1 cone approximately 1-1/4 lb. for $30

Plus shipping

If interested, please email

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AVL Production loom

16 harness, 60 inch wide weaving width AVL production loom. Mecahnical dobby. (can easily be converted to compu-dobby) Auto advance, fly shuttle. Tension box, 1 shuttle, extra heddles, dobby bars and pegs. Very good condition. $2900.00

Eau Claire WI area. (715) 695-2957


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Wanted: Cardboard Cones for Silver Needles Electric Cone Winder

I am seeking cardboard cones for use with my Silver Needles Electric cone winder.  Used cones will work just as well as new ones.  I don't have a preference.

If you have any cardboard cones for sale, please contact me.  I am happy to pay postage/shipping costs.  I live in Texas and can be reached at

Thank you and have a blessed day!

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Schacht Baby Wolf Loom FS

 Schacht Baby Wolf loom for sale.

8 shaft Baby Wolf on wheels and cones with a 10 dent reed and

lease sticks.  $ 1,500. Pick up in Waco Texas.

or ship at buyer's expense. Please contact Sue at




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ISO Baby Wolf 4N4L or 8 shaft loom or equivalent

I'm looking for a floor loom that's similar to the Baby Wolf 4N4L or 8 shaft loom or something equivalent somewhere in the Dallas, TX area.  I'm willing to drive about 3-4 hours from Dallas to pick up.  I have a small house so I need something that I can pack away, especially with 3 very curious little kids running around thinking anything they lay their eyes on is theirs :)

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Spool rack

Spool rack for sale.  good condition.  $75.

I can't seem to get a picture on here, so please email me if you would like one.

Pickup in Granby, MA or I can meet someplace.

Email or call 413-467-3441 for more information.

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ISO: Glimakra or Oxaback Countermarche Loom

Looking for a Glimakra or Oxaback Countermarche loom, weaving width about 120 cm wide, preferably 10 shafts, 10 treadles.  I am willing to drive to the northeastern states and Canada for pickup or arrange shipping.  Contact me at joan dot macdonald at

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Norm Hall Cherry Mariah Double Treadle Spinning Wheel

My pending move is coming closer and I have decided to relist my Norm Hall Double Treadle Mariah Cherry spinning wheel at my best price.  I have learned that Norm is taking orders for his wheels and that the wait list is 3 years.  He charges $5,000.  I waited 6 years for my wheel and paid $3,000 in 1992. It is a production wheel - meaning it can spin fast - and it is effortless to treadle. I designed extra spokes in the drive wheel to add weight in the down turn. It is in excellent condition. I have 6 bobbins that Norm made for me. I love the versatility of this wheel - set as Scotch Tension or can be a double drive band - spinning everything from the finest cotton to textured design yarns. Wheel ratios are 20 to 1, 15 to 1, and 10 to 1.  For a new spinner, there is nothing like learning on the very best. For the advanced spinner, now is the time to add the Rolls Royce of wheels to your collection.  My best price is to match Norm's price of $5,000 (my original price was $5,800) but you don't have to wait years to be spinning. I am located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipping via freight is the responsibility of the buyer but I am happy to work with you on packing including building a custom crate and transporting the wheel to the port on the island.  Let me know if I can send you more photos.

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Gilmore loom for sale

40" Gilmore loom, 6 treadles, 4 harness (plu 4 option) in fine working condition. Many extras included such as warping board, 3 reeds, shuttles, bobbins, heddles and more. Asking $1,000. Delivery negotiable. Located in Fort Kent, ME. FMI contact Deb at

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Cranbrook loom

This is one of the original Cranbrook looms, made by Bexell and Son Cranbrooks in the early 1970s, with long front to back length. This makes for more even tension, among other good things, than in the Cranbrooks with a shorter length. The loom has had 3 owners and it's in excellent condition.

The frame is maple, construction is mortise and tenon. It's easy to take down and easy to put back together.

Footprint is about 52 x 52 inches, and weaving width is about 45 inches.

Back and front beams are powdercoated tubular steel. Tensioning pawl and ratchet are bronze, with half inch teeth.

It has 8 locking treadles and 8 shafts with hundreds of Texsolv heddles. I'm not sure how many there are, but many more than I've ever used at once. Both the jack box and hanging beater are both adjustable within 6 inches. 

Heavy canvas aprons on both warp and cloth beams.

Two stainless steel reeds, 8 and 12 dent. Full width raddle with half inch increments.

Tool shelf with dozens of sticks.

I've added a 2 foot magnetic tool bar which keeps scissors and small tools within easy reach.

The usual countermarche tieup involves sitting inside the loom, fastening all the heddle-to-treadle cords by hand, which makes adjustments and changes a real pain. Peter Collingwood wrote about a way to transfer the tieup changes to the back of the loom and I've added this feature. You will never need to sit inside the loom again! Tieups can be changed easily and adjustments are a breeze. 

$5000 obo

Located in Houston, Texas. Taken down this loom fits into most vans. Shipping can be arranged. For more info or pictures, email

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Wunder Weaver table loom

Wunder Weaver table loom.   This is from the early 1900s.   The loom needs restoring.  Everything is there, but the wood is dirty and some parts are rusty.  I saw one on facebook that had been restored and it looked great.  I don't have time to restore it, so I'm asking $50 for this loom.

I can't seem to put pictures up.  Please email me and I'll send you one, or search on the internet.

Pickup in Granby, MA or I will meet someplace.   Call Joan at 413-467-3441 or email

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