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Cranbrook Loom

lovely 8H 10 Treadle Cranbrook loom with locking treadles.  Double back beam.  48" Width.  Bench, suspended tool shelf and 3 reeds included (4,6 and 10 ).  Original chain tie ups and cloth heddles.  In excellent condition and weaves like a dream.  

I am downsizing and this had a larger footprint than I have room for.

$3,500.  Must pick up or I could meet within 250 miles.  Located in Billings MT.  Please email at

Disassembles to fit into the back of a pickup.

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Alpaca Roving

Beautiful alpaca roving processed by Ozark Carding Mill.  There are 4 bags of roving in the following colors: rose gray, steel gray and brown (the brown is 20% wool).  The total weight of all is 7 lbs.   I would like to sell everything together.  I am asking $125, plus shipping costs.  This is a steal at approximately $1 an ounce.  I used to raise alpacas and have been holding onto this roving for years.  It's time for someone to use it and enjoy it.  Please email me at if interested.

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Louet Hollandia 110cm 8S/15T

I purchased this loom completely disassembled a few years ago, and completely cleaned & restored it to working condition. It was really in good shape when I got it, but needed cleaning. All texsolv was washed before it was replaced on the loom. I have a few extra parts that go with the loom, along with the original manual. It is 110cm weaving width, approximately 61” wide x 39” deep x 49” tall, and is a parallel countermarch loom. It comes with hardware on the loom for 14 treadles, but there’s one more treadle and the accompanying bracket to mount it to the loom, I just didn’t do so. I will also include a 12 dent reed and a bench with sliding seat.

Email for more pictures, or with any questions.  Thanks! 

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Norm Hall Cherry Mariah Double Treadle Spinning Wheel

With a heavy sigh, I have decided to sell my beautiful Norm Hall Double Treadle cherry spinning wheel. I waited 6 years to receive my custom designed Mariah wheel in 1995. I paid $3,000. It is a production wheel - meaning it can spin fast - and it is effortless to treadle. I designed extra spokes in the drive wheel to add weight in the down turn. It is in excellent condition. I have 6 bobbins that Norm made for me. As you know, he is no longer creating wheels and it is a rare find to see one of his handcrafted Mariah available for sale. I love the versatility of this wheel - set as Scotch Tension or can be a double drive band - spinning everything from the finest cotton to textured design yarns. For a new spinner, there is nothing like learning on the very best. For the advanced spinner, now is the time to add the Rolls Royce of wheels to your collection. The price is $5,800. I am located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Shipping via freight is the responsibility of the buyer but I am happy to work with you on packing including building a custom crate and transporting the wheel to the port on the island.  Let me know if I can send you more photos or a video of me spinning on the wheel.

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Swedish Swatches Green by Malin Selander

Published in 1978.  The Green Series with swatches in tact.  The only damage from age is the spiral binding, the bottom 5 rings are gone.

Asking $165 plus shipping.  Photo upon request

Contact if interested.  Thanks!

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31 Handwoven Magazines for sale for $2.50 each

Lot of 31 Handwoven magazines from years 1985-1987, 1989-1992.  All for $75 plus shipping.  Email:

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Gillmore Floor Loom

EUC 48x36x38 (dimensions in inches) 8 Harness 12 Treadles $1000 . Comes with a bench, 10 dent reed, section beam warping board. Has brand new headles.  Built April 1967. Located in Southern California North of LA south of Santa Barbara. Please email at

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Regina Glimakra Tapestry Loom For Sale

48 in. Weaving width

Footprint: 3’6” X 6’ plus room to work

3 sets of 2 treadles to make weaving easier

Lightly used

Includes 1 reed

No bench, I used rolling chair

Located in the Eastern Panhandle of WV

Asking $850, all offers considered

Contact: Bonnie McComb

Phone: 304-754-6675

E-mail:  Subject line "Glimakra Loom"

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16 Harness Cherry J-Made Weaving Loom

This beautiful cherry jack loom has all of the features J-Made looms are known for.

45” Weaving width
Worm screw hand cranks for infinitesimal small or large adjustments
J-Made's unique system of counterbalancing the shafts for easy treadling
Inserted eye and Texsolv heddles
18 treadles individually lock for easy inlay work
2 back beams, one is sectional
2   back beaters, one light for everyday use and one heavy for rugs
Bench and 1 reed included
Has a 5’ X 5’ footprint plus bench space

Valued @ over $7,000, asking $3,000; reasonable offers considered.  Shipping and packing paid for by the buyer or it can be picked up in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.

Contact:  Bonnie McComb

Phone: 304-754-6675

E-mail: Subject: J-MadeLOOM

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Clems and Clems Spinning Wheel

Beautiful Clems and Clems spinning wheel!  Pre 1995.  Well cared for. Had very little use.  Moving and downsizing and can't take it with me.  Price does not include shipping.

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Floor Loom 4H, 6T, 38" weave width

4H, 6T, 38" weave width older maple loom.  Possibly a Gilmore X, but no label on the loom.  Beater has a built in shuttle race and treadles are nicely spaced for easy of operation.  Loom weaves beautifully and is a compact style that can be adjusted to take up less space when not in use. 400 additional heddles and a 15 dent reed are included.  Reed is not stainless but I have no had any problem with it.  Loom easily disassembles for moving. I'm moving out of state and can take a limited amount of items with me.  My loss is your gain! 

Size: front to back, fully extended 48", left to right, frame is 45",  Height 38"

Pick up only, about 30 miles SW of CHicago, Case only please, contact via email geonsue520@gmail

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45" LeClerc Loom

45" LeClerc Loom in goood condition. Purchased for $1200 and will sell for best reasonable offer. This loom is just too big for ur condo and perhaps in purchasing, my dreams for weaving were too big for reality. Loom must be picked up in North Andover, MA.

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FS 16 Shaft J Made loom in great shape and easy to weave on

This is my all-time favorite loom.  It is a lovely 16 shaft loom that is very easy to treadle due to the wheels on the bottom of the treadles.  The 16 shafts are loaded with extra heddles, and loom has lockable treadles to enable skeleton weave or ease of working complex patterns, 2 back beams for diversified plan weave (worm gears allow great tension on this loom), a regular beater bar and an extra heavy duty beater bar for rug weaving, 4 reeds ( dents are 8, 10, 12 and 15), large wood shuttle with many bobbins, lease sticks with 2 sets of lease stick holders, raddle, warping sticks and matching bench with storage.  I will include the warping board that hangs off of the castle when you are not weaving.  I am also including a slightly used electric bobbin winder.  Both the loom breast beam and back beam come off for ease of threading and warping either back to front or front to back.  The weaving width is 45 inches. Loom is 68 inches long from front to back including handles to advance the warp, width is 67 inches and height is 60 inches.  This is the footprint of the loom so when considering please remember to add space for you to walk around.  Loom is in great shape, I recently added a board assembly with LED lights on the front that is held on with clamps.  I have created many 16 shaft patterns over the years and those will be included in the purchase.  Buyer will need program or software to enable reading .WIF files.


Loom comes apart for transportation.  My husband and I moved it in a U-Haul when I purchased it from the original owner about 10 years ago.  Buyer will need to pick up and transport.   Price for all mentioned above is $3800, cash or cashier check. It is difficult to find a 16 shaft loom for this price.  This is a manual loom, not a dobby or computerized loom.   They are hard to find as are no longer made, but parts can be found at hardware stores according to my handyman or regular weaving stores.  People who have seen her have remarked on what a beautiful loom it is.  It is the easiest loom to work on, at one point I had 11 various types and models of looms in my home.  For more information or pictures you may contact me at or  Loom is located in Austin, Texas.


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25 Weaving, Spinning Books, DVD,s PRICE REDUCED


Video: Warping the Loom Back to Front a Video Workshop by Osterkamp  $10

Books:  Designing and Making Handwoven Rugs by Todd and Del Deo $6

            The mitten Book by Gottfridsson $4

             Handweaving for Pleasure and Profit by Brown $5

             Rug Hooking for the First Time by Lovelady $8

              The Joy of Handweaving by Todd $6

              One Skein by Radford $6 (quick projects to knit)

              Spin Control by Amy King $7  (spinning the yarn you want)

              Weaving is for Anyone by Jean Wilson  $5

              Step by Step Weaving by Znamierowski $5

Email: for more information,


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Wanted: 32" Loomcraft Loom

ISO 32" Loomcraft loom. 




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