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I just wanted to warn you generous souls that you may be getting a letter from Young Writers Project (YWP) thanking you for your past support and asking you to support our work with thousands of young writer across the country. We need your help in continuing this important work.  We hope that you can donate.

 As many of you know, YWP (along with uber-volunteer Janet Lynn) manages this site for free. We pay for the cost of the server, update code and try to help you when things go awry. We are fans of fiber arts.

And our full-time job is to work with thousands of youths, helping them explore ideas, learn how to express themselves and find audience and purpose. We have connected with 110,000+ youths since we began in 2006 and we're going strong. On our main online community, https://youngwritersproject.org we have over 3,000 active youths sharing, giving each other respectful and supportive feedback and learning from experts we bring in.

We are a small nonprofit and we need your help to keep going.

Which is why we've sent many of you past donors a letter asking for more help. We know that many of you don't have a lot of resources. We know that many of you have other nonprofits that receive your support. But we hope that you will think of us and think of the impact we have on youths of all sizes, shapes, colors, cultures and locations.

We are helping the next generation learn how to express themselves.

AND if you don't get a letter, don't be shy -- feel free to click the donate button to the left, or send us a check to Young Writers Project, 47 Maple St., Burlington, VT 05401!

Thanks. And enjoy this wonderful photograph from "lovetowrite" one of YWP's community leaders on youngwritersproject.org


Geoffrey Gevalt

YWP founder.


The Voice -- October 2017

We hope you enjoy Young Writers Project's latest issue of The Voice, featuring writing from youths all over.



Well spring has sprung! The  Young Writers Project digital magazine, The Voice, has just released its May/June issue and it's wonderful. Lots of great poetry, stories, images and sound. Another example of why we should be encouraged by this upcoming generation! o

Share this link with friends and bring them more audience!

AS ALWAYS, we encourage you to send any youths you know to sign up on youngwritersproject.org to gain skills in writing in a supportive learning network. 

Thanks for  using kbbspin.org to further your textile hobbies. And thanks for sending us your donations to support our work here for you and our work elsewhere for young people!


About Young Writers Project

The Young Writers Project -- Overview

VISION | To build a generation of better writers by engaging as many youths as possible through  youngwritersproject.org  a respectful online teen learning community — and its direct programming. 

MISSION | YWP’s mission is to build a generation of confident writers who think, develop ideas and express themselves with clarity, civility and power. 



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