Beautiful Chenille Yarn by the Cone

Plush Chenille yarn by the cone - Stash cleaning

Turquiose (Acrylic or Polyester?)  Chenille 2 cones available, each cone 24 to 26 ounces, $15.00 each approximately 1450 yards per pound.

Camel Rayon Chenille, 16 ounces, $10.00, approximately 550 yards per pound

Emerald Cotton Chenille, 3 cones available, each cone between 18 and 20 ounces $10.00 each  approximately 1450 yards per pound.

Fern Rayon Chenille 31 ounces, $20.00 approximately 425 yards oer pound

Carmel Rayon Chenille 32 ounces $20.00, approximately 425 yards per pound,

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Mulberry Silk Cones

I am offering one full, unwrapped cone and one at least 1/2 full of the beautiful Mulberry silk 3 ply in natural color.  I used the silk to dye and then weave on my Mirrix loom, but due to health issues I can no longer loom.

The current price is $140.00 per cone and I am offering both for $150.00.

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Brushed Mohair

Brushed Mohair yarn, white -

1 hank approximately 500 yds., 8 oz. for $15

1 cone approximately 1-1/4 lb. for $30

Plus shipping

If interested, please email

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