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Needed: Leclerc Sectional Warp Beam Guides

Hello, I loaned out my guides and now she says she doesn't have them.  I've been tying on and winding so the guides would be very helpful.  Does anyone have any they don't want?  I'm in New Mexico.  You can contact me with my email:

Thank you!


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Rope Machine by Schacht

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Pacific Gravity Feed Iron

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LeClerc Warping Mill FS in MD

LeClerc 20-yard warping mill in very nice used condition.

I am able to meet at MD Sheep and Wool to avoid shipping.


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Weaving Shuttles, weaving tools - $60 (Spring)

For sale are items from my personal collection. 

I have a Leclerc Boat shuttle with bobbin.

The following Stick Shuttles in various sizes:
Five 24" 
Three 21" 
Two 15"
Two 11"
One 8.5"
Three 6"

These are all in mostly excellent and good condition. New the lot would be over $130 and I am asking $60 for all.

I am moving and selling items I no longer have room and time for.

Jasmine (713) 628- 2873

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Original design Niddy Noddy

Designed by my husband Gary.  2 yard skein. Price $28 plus shipping.  Email

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