Gilmore loom for sale

40" Gilmore loom, 6 treadles, 4 harness (plu 4 option) in fine working condition. Many extras included such as warping board, 3 reeds, shuttles, bobbins, heddles and more. Asking $1,000. Delivery negotiable. Located in Fort Kent, ME. FMI contact Deb at durkin259@gmail.com

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Cranbrook loom

This is one of the original Cranbrook looms, made by Bexell and Son Cranbrooks in the early 1970s, with long front to back length. This makes for more even tension, among other good things, than in the Cranbrooks with a shorter length. The loom has had 3 owners and it's in excellent condition.

The frame is maple, construction is mortise and tenon. It's easy to take down and easy to put back together.

Footprint is about 52 x 52 inches, and weaving width is about 45 inches.

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Wunder Weaver table loom

Wunder Weaver table loom.   This is from the early 1900s.   The loom needs restoring.  Everything is there, but the wood is dirty and some parts are rusty.  I saw one on facebook that had been restored and it looked great.  I don't have time to restore it, so I'm asking $50 for this loom.

I can't seem to put pictures up.  Please email me and I'll send you one, or search on the internet.

Pickup in Granby, MA or I will meet someplace.   Call Joan at 413-467-3441 or email jdwight@housing.umass.edu

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Mini boat shuttle wanted

I have very small hands and need an 8-9 inch boat shuttle and bobbins. I have an ArtEdJe boat shuttle and would love to find another one and bobbins too. I believe Schact and Harrisville also make small boat shuttles. If anyone has any of these for sale, please contact me. Thank you. 

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Harrisville 4-foot tapestry Friendly Loom price reduced to $100

Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom upright floor-standing tapestry loom that weaves 4 feet wide. Simple design with sturdy pegs at top and bottom for quick warping. No shedding device. Good for use in schools where several children can weave on it at a time. Price $ 150 plus shipping. Email meglass@gmail.com for photos.

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For Sale - 8 Shaft Nilus LeClerc 36" weaving width

Sold -  Eight Shaft Nilus LeClerc 36" weaving width loom with back hinge treadles, weighted beater, extra inserted eye heddles and matching bench with two reeds and two sets of lease sticks. Purchased in 2005 and one owner. In excellent condition from clean non-smoking home. This is a substantial loom that can weave rugs as well as fine linens. $1900 for loom, reeds and bench. It has a nice shelf over the harnesses and is in tip top shape having been well taken care of. The aprons are clean and there are tie up cords for every position on every treadle. Located in western Massachusetts.

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40" Norwood Loom in Vermont

40" Norwood loom, 4 shaft, 6 treadle for sale in Putney, Vermont. 8 dent reed. The loom is in beautiful condition except for a small crack in the side of the beater which doesn't affect the weaving. $525. dena@vermontweaver.com

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Mini Mini Inkle Loom

Very small inkle loom for doing short warps such as bookmarks.  Includes heddles.  $15.  Email meglass@gmail.com

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In Search of a Schacht Baby Wolf 8 Harness Loom


I am in search of a Schacht Baby Wolf 8 harness  loom in excellent condition with  a 12 /10 dent reed , high castle and strollers. I am located in Iowa 

please contact me at iowadreamweaver@yahoo.com

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16-Harness 60" AVL Production Loom w/Mechanical Dobby $2400!

1990 loom refurbished by AVL and never assembled since!  Loom has underslung beater, sectional warp beam, single fly shuttle box, reed, heddles and lots of bars and pegs.  Built-in bench.  Stored in Maine, too much to ship.  $2400.  elise.r.earl@gmail.com


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